Allyson Byers


Grief & Loss Therapy

Loss is an inevitable part of life, but it can also shake you to your core. It’s a universal experience, yet it can also be so lonely depending on your culture and support system. Some people only get a few days off of work while others are not given any time.

Do you feel pressure to get back to your life, but you’re just not ready? Do you feel like your friends and family are tired of you talking about your loved one, but all you want to do is just share memories? Or maybe you’re just not ready to talk yet and want space to grieve.

Loss doesn’t also have to be confined to death. We experience losses all of the time, but they are rarely acknowledged. This includes things like the loss of dreams, loss of autonomy, job loss, unrecognized relationships, a new diagnosis, the ending of a romantic relationship or friendship, infertility, body grief, and more. I also work with clients who are experiencing disenfranchised grief, like the loss of a pet or the loss of a loved one to suicide or an overdose.

Everyone grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way. I’m here to listen to your story and support you as you move through the grief.